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Praying and Living the Ten Words Given on Mount Sinai (Ex. 20:2-17)

Avinu Malkenu, Our Father, Our King, Please: 

Enable me to so live that I am always grateful that: “You are the Mighty G-d who brought me out of 
slavery and Egypt.”(Respect for G-d’s Identity)

Enable me to so live that nothing comes before you and cleanse my life of idols, material & mental. 
(Respect for G-d’s Jealousy)

Enable me to never misuse Your holy name. 
(Respect for G-d’s Sanctity)

Enable me to allow creations Shabbat rhythm to order my spiritual life and weekly lifestyle. 
(Respect for G-d’s priority)

Enable me to honor my parents and G-d given authorities through respect and obedience. 
(Respect for G-d’s authority)

Enable me to be spared from the anger and hatred and bitterness that can lead to a homicidal heart 
that wants to murder. (Respect Life: No murder)

Enable me to be delivered from the sensuality of an adulterous heart and to practice healthy sexuality. 
(Respect Love: No adultery)

Help me to never steal anything from anyone. 
(Respect property: No “lifting)

Enable me to be truthful in everything and to choose my words wisely.
(Respect Truth: No lying)

Enable me to be free from all covetousness & lust.
(Respect contentment: No lusting) 

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