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How to pray for the peace of Jerusalem

Let’s pray for Israel’s spiritual independence!

10. Pray for Messianic Jews to be leaders in politics, business, the military and social reforms in Israel.

9. Pray for the establishment of many Messianic Jewish congregations and Yeshiva Bible schools in Israel.

8. Pray for a spirit of unity among pastors in the land.

7. Pray for the rights of the unborn in Israel.

6. Pray for the Jewish people to be protected from cult and occult groups.

5. Pray for housing, jobs, finances, health, safety, ease of immigration, and no opposition from the religious and supernatural ability to learn the Hebrew for Messianic Jews in Israel.

4. Pray for those Messianic Jews making Aliya (return) to Israel. That all their paperwork be passed without incident.

3. Pray for believers in Yeshua worldwide to have the courage to share the Good News to Jew and Gentile alike.

2. Pray for Messianic Congregations in the U.S. (especially one in San Antonio; hint, hint) that we will be able to continue to support and exhort our brethren in the land.

1. There will only be peace in Jerusalem when all Israel is saved and the Jewish people say, “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the L-rd.” Pray for an outpouring of G-d’s Spirit in Israel and for the Jewish people to acknowledge their spiritual condition and acknowledge Yeshua (Jesus) as L-rd!

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